The Evolution of Wet Coats


Wet coats have been used in the Dog show world for years, used in conformation

and performance dog showing; Years ago wet coats were made of terry cloth

which was very messy as the coats would drip water every where and if left on a

dog any amount of time would become like a steam bath between the dog and coat.


In 1995 designer Sandy Teague discovered synthetic chamois that were sold

at the dog shows; And their effectiveness in cooling a dog.

The original synthetic chamois wet coats known as

Kool Koats were designed by Sandy and have been

 used for years in the dog show world.


The way the synthetic material works is as it puts moisture

into the dogs coat the slower evaporation time actually

cools the dog more than the old terry cloth coats.


We are always trying to improve our products and over the past year switched

to pva material that seems to work better and is lighter weight than the synthetic.


We also discovered covering the pva material with a light weight cotton fabric the

 coats stay cooler longer as the fabric slows the evaporation of the moisture.


This process is patent pending.


The other nice aspect is now the colors and patterns are endless,

one of a kind creations, as we try to make only one of each

 size in any pattern of fabric.

We can now offer lots of colors and patterns,

almost any theme you can think of.


Your dog doesn’t need to be a show or performance dog to

reap the benefits of a Kool Koat, the coats are great for your

 dog when out for a walk or playing outdoors on a warm day.


The coats are easy to use, just soak in cool water for a few

minutes, lightly ring out and place the coat on your dog.

If off on a long walk or out playing for longer periods of time

 just re-wet the coat, you can use the water hose if you want,

or pour water out of a bottle.


You will be amazed how these coats help keep you dog cool.


Kool Koats come in two standard sizes with custom sizes

available on request.


We recommend you dry your coat between uses

machine wash on gentle or hand wash when soiled


Never leave your dog unattended while wearing the coat as

the fabric and buckles could be a choking hazard or cause

 an obstruction if ingested.


Please contact Sandy to discuss any questions you may have about the wet coats.



Kool Koat, Designer Wet Coats, Designer Kool Koats are trade marks.

All products are patent pending. All designs are copy written.

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