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The Totie Story

Every totie is a one-of-a-kind hand made creation - utilizing colors/themes of your choice.

Every totie is fully guaranteed to please or we'll take her back in a flash.

Every totie arrives with a name and care instructions.

Every totie is a work of art and that's the truth, the whole truth and nuthin' but the truth!

While no two are alike - some ARE sisters and/or brothers. Some fabrics are very popular...but NO two toties are exactly alike.

If you prefer, you may SEND me the fabric of your choice to work with for your totie. Please contact me for yardage amounts and pricing.

Yes, I can do toties featuring heat transfered photos. Contact me for pricing and further information.

Each totie is about an 8 hour project - not counting shopping/planning time. Turnaround time from order to arrival of your special totie depends on how busy I am when you make contact. I wish every totie could go off to her new home in a week or less - but that isn't always possible! Christmas is especially hectic - so plan ahead!

Emergency toties will be considered on an individual basis! I can do "emergency" work now and then - so when you have an emergency, ask!

Never had a totie returned; and the only complaint ever was by someone who had used her totie for 3 years and then suddenly decided it was possessed and didn't bring her "luck". Formerly of "Frick and Frack" (the only twins ever produced here) fame, I re-named her "VooDoo" and you can see her on one of the totie photo pages. I would have taken her back even after 3 years, but alas, the "complaint" was never addressed to me!

Remember - all toties have a tendency to take on the personality of their owners! They're sensitive little beings with a lot of heart and their very own special soul! Honest they are! So if you're happy and you know it - your totie will follow suit! If you're a mean spirited human being with a chip on your shoulder - your totie could very well seem like she's possessed, when in fact, she's just reflecting back at you exactly what she sees!

All my business is word-of-mouth and repeat customers. Most totie owners aren't happy with "just" one....and quickly reorder for themselves or for gift giving....because just like kitties and potate chips - one totie always leads to another and that's the way it's supposed to be!

Humor - the spice of life and the great equalizer!

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