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Copper Cap


Deck Lighting


Our Rope has

a life span of

Ten to Fifteen



Gem Remote,

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Auto Stop Limit Switch


Rope Lighting


Stainless Steel

Cabling System


Decking Materials

There are several types of decking materials that

can be used in the building of docks and decks.

We have found that most clients like the look of

certain materials that match the decor of their home.

It's a matter of personal preference and lifestyle.

Pressure Treated Wood

Pressure-treated wood is a safe, long

lasting building material used in decks,

fences, retaining walls, docks and other

places where wood is exposed to rot,

insect attack or other forms of


In the pressure-treatment process, lumber

is loaded into a horizontal cylinder.

The cylinder door is sealed, and a liquid

preservative solution is pumped in.

The pressure in the cylinder is then raised,

forcing the preservative into the wood.

At the end of the process, the excess

treatment solution is pumped back to a

storage tank for reuse. Because this

treatment renders the wood useless as a

food substance for fungi, termites and

other wood-destroying agents, the wood is

protected and is much less subject to




Would you consider a different kind of material similar to wood, and longer lasting?

Composite decking material offers beautiful decks that are virtually maintenance free.

Designed to provide the look of wood while being easier to maintain. Composite material is resistant to fading, peeling and cracking. You will never have to sand, seal, paint or re-stain. Most composite decking is made of very fine saw dust and plastic resins, they are manufactured in such a way that they will not warp or deteriorate in any way. They do not have to be stained or painted. They do require that a weather resistant wood framing be done under the actual deck boards.

Composite material works like wood.

You cut it and screw it down the same way.

In comparison to a deck made of regular wood, the composite material should last indefinitely.

Different manufacturers have guarantees from 10 to 30 years. Some of the pressure-treated wood on the market has a limited guarantee for 20 years.

Without proper maintenance, many last less than ten years. Wood decks have to be maintained by continuing to clean the deck and by applying some type of weather resistant sealant to keep the water from getting down into the pores of the wood, usually every 2 to3 years.






Brazilian Hardwood

Brazilian Hardwood Decking is a material used in the building of docks and decks. An extremely dense, close grained wood, it has been known to last 100 years without decay and without treatment in contact with the ground. This beautiful red-brown exotic hardwood is very high resistant to wood boring insects and fungus. It is a superior decking material for both residential and commercial applications. It naturally resists wear, rot, splintering, termites, fire, chemicals, and virtually every threat imaginable. Known as Ipe, it is top rated for strength, hardness, and durability. So strong, dense, and hard, the Brazilian ironwood decking remain smooth

and virtually splinter free for years and years.

It can be stained (painting is not recommended) to maintain its new look, a knot-free, rich dark brown color between teak and mahogany, or it can weather into a silvery gray. If your desire is to maintain the rich natural redwood-like finish, apply a quality penetrating oil finish with a UV sun block.


Vinyl / PVC Decking

Would you like a maintenance free product that gives you the ease of cleaning? Vinyl decking will not chip, rot, splinter, crack, and never needs painting. Vinyl cuts like wood, yet it will not weather or discolor over time. 

It eliminates the expense associated with the upkeep of wood.Vinyl decks have a surface that is safe to use rain or shine, because of its slip-resistant finish and resistance to heat build-up. It contains no nails, splinters, or sharp edges. Vinyl decking offers durability and low maintenance.


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